Welcome to FeeGenny for Creating Your Bespoke Ad

There are three ways to create your bespoke ad, depending on your vision and budget. All of our ads come including script writing, West End leading actor/voiceover artist, music composition, professional film crew.


  1. 2D Animation 

2D animations are a great way to get the message of your business out to tens of thousands of potential customers without stretching your budget too far. Despite being a cheaper option, we create a strong message that will connect your ideal client to your business. We will use your logos and images AND animate your local landmarks to connect with your local audience.


  1. 3D Animation

Our 3D animations use the same software and design that you see on TV every day, used by the most popular brands. The difference between 3D and 2D ads is that 3D can imitate real people and locations more accurately whereas 2D is less detailed.

3D animations are heavily effective and budget conscious but can vary in cost if you choose to add extra detail, such as lip-syncing the VoiceOver to the animated characters.


  1. Live Action Filmed on Location

This is where you can show off your business to the full. We’ll bring a professional film crew and a leading West End actor to your business and create a real representation of what you do. The added bonus of a live-action ad is that you have the power to associate your business and area to your local community, forming life-long relationships with customers.