FeeGenny is your TV Advertising Expert…

Putting your business on TV is the key to unlocking your huge potential. By generating kudos and excitement within your local community you’ll soon be amazed by the benefits. Tv advertising should be an exciting pay off for all your hard work building up your business, Feegenny makes this an enjoyable and profitable journey for you.

Advertising Specialists

Feegenny are TV advertising specialists that create high quality animated and live-action TV ads. We use crew and equipment of the highest standard and West End leading actors and Voiceover artists to make sure your business is immediately recognised as a leader in your field of expertise.

Entry Packages

We provide affordable trial packages so you can dip your toe in the water and experience the incredible power of TV advertising.

Once you’ve seen the effects of TV advertising first hand, we can then make you an even more effective, bespoke ad from scratch. Any of our ads will walk your ideal customer through your local town and right to your front door increasing business to levels only previously imagined.

Also, be prepared to see the amount of business brought in through referrals go through the roof, being on TV gets everybody talking about YOU!

Revolutionary Audience Targeting

Using Experian data and revolutionary Sky AdSmart technology we will deliver your ad ONLY to homes that match the criteria of your ideal customer. This makes the delivery of your ad not only more cost-efficient, but more profitable.

Furthermore, all of our campaigns can be paid in instalments, over 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the ad you would like to achieve.



  • Creating Your Bespoke Ad
  • Entry Packages
  • Corporate Video
  • Revolutionary Ad Delivery
  • Online Advertising
  • Creating Your Bespoke Ad


    Creating your own ad from scratch means you have the power to take your exact vision from script to screen. We will work with you until you are completely happy with our script and storyboard before moving forward with the creation of your ad.


    Using Experian data and Sky AdSmart technology, we will deliver your ad only to the homes of your ideal customers AND you will be able to share your ad via your website, social media pages and to your current customer base.


    Once your ad in on TV, you will see the incredible power of TV advertising.

    View our different campaign options and sample video to see what FeeGenny can do for you.


  • Entry Packages


    We understand the anxiety first time TV advertisers can experience when looking at the astronomical costs of creating and broadcasting TV ads – it seems to be a way for only the wealthier businesses to increase their wealth.

    First-Hand Experience

    But at Feegenny, we want this to change. We have put together a method for first timers to experience the immense power of TV advertising for a small fee. We could have your business on TV, reaching your ideal customers with a personalised ad within 4 weeks.


    Once you have experienced the immense power of TV advertising first-hand, you can run the ad again and again over the course of the year. Then, when your audience is desperate for a new ad (which they will be!) we can create your own bespoke ad which will be even more effective.


  • Corporate Video

    One of our most simple tools allows our clients to easily and effectively maximise profit from their existing customer base.

    Maximise Your Profit

    It’s become clear to us that most businesses don’t take advantage of the existing relationships with their customers, but it is vital that businesses  cross-sell all products and services at every possible chance.

    Animation or Live-Action

    We have different options to achieve what you need. These vary from extending your bespoke ad to creating a brand new 2D animation to live-action video.

  • Revolutionary Ad Delivery


    We were once in your shoes, contacting advertising agencies and being taken aback by the astronomical cost of not only creating an ad but delivering to an audience.


    We originally set up this agency for our own use, we needed to create and deliver an ad for a top 100 accountancy firm that we were working with, BUT the costs we were being given were too much for a far too vague level of effectiveness.

    Now It’s Your Turn

    Feegenny is here to give your business peace of mind. Your hard work has built your business to the point where your money can and WILL be spent on building your brand in that way you always imagined. We strive to make the maximum amount of profit available from your target audience.


  • Online Advertising

    21st Century Advertising

    Advertising is moving into the 21st Century. Our TV adverts are using revolutionary Adsmart technology to greatly increase accuracy and, over the last couple of years, we’ve all seen a rise in advertising online via sites such as YouTube.


    The huge advantage of advertising on a site like YouTube is that you reach potential customers when they watch or search for videos — and only pay when they show interest. You can also set a daily budget and monthly cap  so you will never go over your budget.

    It is an incredible advertising tool that is always sure to be cost-efficient.

    Audience Targeting

    We can determine who sees your video based on location, age, interests and more. When they begin watching your ad they will have an option to skip the ad. If they skip the ad you don’t pay, if they are interested and watch your ad then you pay to reach this potential customer.




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