10,000 Campaigns



Sky Media has successfully broadcast the 10,000th ad campaign using its pioneering AdSmart technology, which launched in 2014.

The market-leading technology now has over 1,400 targeting attributes up from 400 at launch, allowing niche and local businesses as well as mainstream brands to benefit from highly targeted campaigns.

From McLaren automotive using TV for the first time targeting just 2% of the population to a hay fever campaign only activated in regions with a high pollen count – addressability has changed the way TV is being used to connect with audiences.

Sky AdSmart advertisers have a 64% return rate, indicating that addressable TV is working for businesses and successfully expanding the TV ad market in the UK. This is expected to continue as a third of audiovisual advertising in the UK will be addressable by 2022.

From niche to mainstream brands, airlines to zoos, the service has enabled the use in-depth data from Sky and third parties including Dunhumby and Mastercard in the brand safe and trusted environment of TV.