A Timely And Significant Additional Source Of Fee Income


My name is Terry Whittle, and I am a widely experienced and successful salesperson in professional practice operating through Feegenny Ltd – a name synonymous with fee generation.

For one firm alone I have secured over £3million of targeted, highly profitable fees (the firm referred to is a top 50 professional firm and details for reference purposes will be provided on request).

Essentially, I will add a complete and highly profitable Direct Sales Function to your Business – for the cost of a junior level employee. 

A step-by-step guide to a fee generation: Our revolutionary method of targeted TV advertising is unique and incredibly cost effective. This presents a rare opportunity for professional firms to generate a new and additional stream of enquires – which I will manage for you and develop into engaged clients.

Who will see your TV Ad: Your TV Ad will be shown on Sky TV and/or Channel 4 to specifically selected viewers using data provided by Experian and Acxiom:

  • For family matters, we will target based on family structure, age, and affluence. 

  • For PI, we have a targeting criterion developed by Experian based on claim culture. 

  • For Corporate we will target a chosen selection of your business community. 

  • If your firm provides services such as Business Sales, Wealth Management, or Business Recovery, there is an abundance of data to further pinpoint your ideal new client.

  • Whatever your niche, we will pinpoint your ideal client in your ideal location.

Your TV Ad: Not only will your TV Ad stand out for the slick and professional presentation, but is provided free of charge.

Converting your responses into engaged clients: Targeted TV will generate a stream of new enquiries, and I will manage these enquiries for you and develop them into engaged and loyal clients.

So, let’s set aside some time for a Zoom meeting to discuss. Please email me at terry@feegenny.co.uk, or call me directly on 07734-896571.