Significant, Additional Source Of Fee Income For Accountancy Firms


I am a widely experienced and successful salesperson in professional practice operating through Feegenny Ltd – a name synonymous with fee generation.

For one firm alone I have secured over £3million of targeted, highly profitable fees (the firm is a leading firm and details for reference will be provided on request).

Essentially, I will add a cutting-edge and highly profitable direct sales function to your Business at minimal cost. My charges comprise only of a modest retainer, from which I cover all costs to generate clients, and a success fee (when agreed and appropriate). 

A Step-by-step guide to identifying and securing your ideal clients 

Targeting:  Experian Mosaic is used to pinpoint your ideal new clients. This is ground-breaking data often overlooked by SME’s but used widely and with incredible success by the largest and most prestigious of businesses. Whatever your requirement, Experian Mosaic will pinpoint your ideal new clients in your ideal location. 

What type of fees will be generated? The fees generated will be determined by you, but could include:

  • high value compliance 
  • high affluence financial planning/wealth management
  • business sales and acquisitions
  • business recovery & liquidations.

How will your message be delivered? 

Your message will be delivered directly into the homes of your own personal Experian mosaic target audience and shown on a wide variety of Sky Channels while they are watching TV. Your message will appear on whatever Sky Channel your audience is watching, whenever they are watching – with unnerving levels of accuracy.

Your TV Ad: Your TV Ad will stand out for its slick professionalism. It will be presented by an elite professional actor and you will be in exemplary company. The GM Chamber of Commerce use the same actor to present to their target audience.

Converting your responses into engaged clients: I have years of experience closing deals and I will personally convert the many responses into engaged and loyal clients.

So, let’s set aside some time for a remote meeting to discuss. Please email me at, or contact me on 07734-896571 to arrange.