Steps to TV Advertising



You may be wondering, how exactly does this process work? Below are ten easy steps on how you can go from starting to succeeding with your very own local TV advertising campaign.


1. Visit and view our home page video. This will give you a quick overview of the FeeGenny service.

2. Check out the sector page that relates to your business sector. Each page has a 30 second sample advert that has been custom made for that specific sector.

3. Send us a message via the Contact Us page. Don’t forget to include a link to your current business website.

4. Once we have received your message we will learn about your business i.e. your size, where you are and what you do. We will respond by email with further information. If you wish to proceed you will be provided with information on how to transform the sample ad into your very own advert.

5. A telephone discussion will then take place to answer any outstanding questions.

6. A meeting will be scheduled to finalise all outstanding matters including audience selection, frequency of airtime and video tailoring (colour schemes, logos, script, music, and voice artist selection).

7. Your script is sent for approval and then the ad is prepared.

8. Whilst the ad is being approved by Clearcast (who are the official body that oversees all TV adverts) the audience selection is finalised and airtime scheduled.

9. Once the Ad is approved by Clearcast, it is then ready to air.

10. You will then experience the power of TV advertising. Your account Manager will discuss the airtime results with you in order to build on your success.


Please note the following points;

  • The finalised Ad is your asset. We recommend that your business utilise the asset as a ‘sales aid’. For example, employees within your business can send the Ad to prospects and clients to increase your sales.
  • The Ad can be uploaded to YouTube or similar video platforms and embedded on your website or social media for wider online reach.
  • The Ad can be updated and modified as required so it is always up to date.
  • Our service is designed specifically for businesses working at a local level to provide the highest quality 3d animated ads at the lowest possible prices.
  • FeeGenny will only allow one business in a particular area to personalise the sample Ad. Just make sure a competitor doesn’t beat you to it!


If you have any further queries please contact