Welcome to FeeGenny for Corporate Video

This is a simple and effective approach to give your business the competitive edge.

2D animation

One of our example corporate videos is above – used by a top 100 accountancy firm to make their clients aware of the benefits of the government’s R&D Tax Credit Scheme.

Our corporate videos allow you to go into great detail about any of your products/services or simply focus heavily on your brand.

2D animations are perfect for corporate videos as they are affordable yet incredibly clear, detailed and effective.

Our 2D animations vary in price depending on your vision but will never be above £3,000. This includes script writing, animation, VoiceOver actor and recording, music creation.

Extend Your Bespoke Ad

If you create a bespoke Ad with us, there can be the option to extend the length, depending on your ad. You will then end up with your 30 second TV ad AND a longer length corporate video which you will be able to distribute through your existing customer base and post on your social medias and website.

This would have to be an option that worked with your specific, bespoke ad but, for example, with live action ads, once we have everything set up for filming it is incredibly affordable to keep filming and create a longer ad.

Live Action Corporate Video

We can, of course, create a live-action corporate video for you. This would ideally be filmed on location at your business to show you off at your fullest.

We would, however, recommend that you request to create a 30 second ad within this process. This would give you the option of extending your brand into TV advertising in the future while covering the bulk of the cost for filming during your corporate video – which can vary from £5,000-£15,000 depending on your vision.