Welcome to FeeGenny for Revolutionary Ad Delivery

Effective Ad Delivery Every Time

We were once in your shoes. We decided to set up our own agency to create the effectiveness we wanted from our advertising journey. We have made incredible contacts with Sky and Experian and developed a system where we could target ONLY our ideal customer.

Revolutionary Adsmart Technology

If you send your ad out onto TV at random you can waste thousands attempting to find one customer. So, we use Experian data to pinpoint your ideal customer, then our contact at Sky will use this data to send your ad ONLY to these homes via revolutionary Sky AdSmart technology.

An Infinity of Target Audiences

Experian data means that Sky AdSmart can pinpoint your audience based on age, wealth bands, families, pet owners and much much more.

Already Have An Ad?

If you already have a TV ad then you’re halfway there! You can still contact us and make use of our advanced delivery system.

You will be blown away by the impact this can have on your business.