Welcome to FeeGenny for Maximising Income From Your Existing Customer Base

This is a revolutionary approach to realise the full potential of your business! Here FeeGenny creates your own video specifically designed to be: 

1. Sent directly to your existing customers 

2. Shared by your existing customers with their recommendations 

3. Posted on your website and social media 

Most businesses do not maximise income from their existing customer base. An existing customer is low-hanging fruit for income generation. FeeGenny gives you all the tools to effortlessly sell different services or products to customers who already respect and trust you. Not only that, they will be able to easily recommend you to new customers at the click of a button – all you have to do is maintain the trust of your customers by the service you provide and FeeGenny will ensure you prosper from it.    

Simple. Effective. FeeGenny makes this an effortless process for your business for just a small initial outlay, which you can expect to recoup again and again and again. 

At FeeGenny we help you realise the enormous potential of your customer base. FeeGenny will incorporate your logo and branding into the video, write and record the script and compose the music. We pride ourselves on producing slick, imaginative videos with an extremely quick turnaround and low cost all so that you can maximise your time and Fee Generation. 

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