Welcome to FeeGenny for Online Advertising

21st Century Advertising

Feegenny is always looking for the latest way to drive businesses forwards – and online advertising is becoming an incredibly valuable tool.

Bespoke Video Creation

First – we will create you a short 10-30 second 2D animation in a similar style to the video seen above. Short, snappy videos work best for advertising online where you are effectively trying to interrupt a person’s activity and steal their interest.

Cost Efficient

Once your video has been put online you will have the power to reach potential customers when they watch or search for videos — and only pay when they show interest. You can also set a daily budget and monthly cap so you will never go over your budget.

Audience Targeting

We can determine who sees your video based on location, age, interests and more. When they begin watching your ad they will have an option to skip the ad. If they skip the ad you don’t pay, if they are interested and watch your ad then you pay to reach this potential customer.