Welcome to FeeGenny for Entry Packages

We can have your business on TV, reaching your ideal customers within a matter of weeks:

Rent one of our highest quality 3D animations + revolutionary Adsmart delivery of your ad.

You will find examples of some of our ads in the above video. When you rent one of our ads it will be completely personalised for you. This includes script, VoiceOver, music and adding your logo into the animation. 

In the meantime, we will use Experian data to pinpoint your ideal customer and pass this information to our colleague at Sky AdSmart so your ad can be delivered only to homes that fit that criteria. We will also keep the TV audience within your local area, giving your business yet another selling point and a greater potential for referrals.

We will run your ad for a month as this is the ‘sweet spot’ for generating interest – you can expect to see results well into the month after your ad stops airing.

We offer this whole package for a total of £3995 + VAT. Your personalised ad will then be ready to put back on TV whenever you like.

We can expect to have your advert on TV within 4 weeks, timelines can vary due to the clearing process necessary to get adverts verified for TV use.