Welcome to FeeGenny for R&D Client Protection and Fee Generation

Press play on the video above. This is a revolutionary approach to generate additional fees while protecting your clients from rogue boutiques! FeeGenny have specifically developed a video that can be immediately scripted and personalised to your firm’s exact requirements and licenced for your use, so you can instantly:

1. inform clients of the potential for R&D claims, 

2. warn clients of the threat posed by rogue boutiques and, 

3. ensure clients refer to you before committing to an R&D service. 

Your firm will then be in a position to offer its own R&D service OR refer your client to an external specialist – either way the opportunity for significant fees arises and the client is protected.

The personalised video will instantly be yours to circulate to your clients and post on your social media/website.

Not only that, your clients will be able to easily recommend you to new customers at the click of a button – all you have to do is maintain the trust of your clients by the service you provide and FeeGenny will ensure you prosper from it.    

Simple. Effective. FeeGenny makes this an effortless process for your business for just a small outlay, which you can expect to recoup again and again and again. 

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